New Clients

Why take your pet to the vet when the vet can often come to you for little or no additional cost?

In my experience, I have found house calls appropriate for both cats and dogs, for routine care such as examinations and vaccinations, for the pet who is no longer mobile, is a terrible traveler, or, after all these years as your most valued companion, they must be put to sleep. I can help if you need an in-house consultation to help make that difficult decision. Some clients are surprised how simple things such as a special dietary plan or a program of controlled pain management can extend the quality life of their pet.

When this is the most humane decision, I can euthanize your pet in your home or in a favorite park. Sometimes, clients make their own arrangements for their pet’s remains, but I can provide simple (communal) cremation, individual cremation with your pet’s ashes returned, or burial in a pet cemetery.

My Service Area is Tucson, AZ and surrounding communities.

Hours of Operation

As long as I am in town. I am always around to take a phone call.

On Call 7 Days A Week


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Except for select Client Pet Emergencies