I value my clients' experience. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Kenneth H. Cohn

  • "Dr. Cohn is one of the most caring vets we’ve known. Even our 18-year old cat, Oliver, immediately took to her–he articulated his affection very loudly and showed his appreciation by sharing something of a personal nature. Despite all of that, Ken called him a “good boy.” We love Dr. Cohn!"
  • "I can’t tell you how grateful we are that we have such an awesome vet! Your patience, communication, and above-and-beyond care is just incredible, and I know Hammie and Bear are in great hands."
    Jenna W.
  • "Thank you! I’ve used other home vets but you are by far the best."
    Nadine G.
  • "Dr. Cohn made himself available to come to my home the night before Memorial Day. He came around 9:30pm (shortly after I contacted him) and was thoughtful and patient as I prepared myself as best as I could and loved my doggie before euthanasia. I am grateful to Dr. Cohn for his presence during such a heart breaking experience. His fees were affordable though it was a holiday weekend and Sunday night. I highly recommend Dr. Cohn."
  • "Dr Kenneth Cohn is a wonderful man. He provided hospice care in our home for our senior Great Dane mix. He made my companion comfortable in his last few months. Dr Cohn helped assist my buddy peacefully to the "Rainbow Bridge."
    I enjoyed reading of Dr Cohn's stories and experiences. He truly is a great doctor. If you live in Tucson and need a mobile veterinarian, I would highly recommend him to help care for your pets. Truly."
    Sailor J.
  • "I worked for Dr. Cohn for 5 years, if it wasn't for his teaching I wouldn't have stayed in the business for 18 years. The book reads just like having a conversation with him. I remember a lot of the stories, the good times and bad. So many of them I think everyone who has a pet can identify either themselves or someone they know. The advice is spot on, and written so anyone can understand it."
    Sherry K.
  • "A dedicated animal advocate. Dr Ken Cohn is a great resource. I don't drive and having him come to my house is very cost effective and a great deal of less stress for my greyhound that hates to go for rides. My dog hates rides so much he deficates anytime we put him in the car. Dr Cohn has cleaned 2 of my 4 cats teeth, and both my dogs teeth at a fraction of the in hospital costs."
    Peggy Hubbard

My Service Area is Tucson, AZ and surrounding communities.

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