The Importance of Dental Care

This dogs teeth were cleaned two years ago! 

The owner brushes her dog's teeth daily!

Two years of teeth cleanings

Too many pet owners don’t understand the importance of home dental care for their pet(s). Few realize that if they (take a minute or two and brush their pet’s teeth once a day, they may easily save thousands of dollars over the life of their pet. How could someone save that much money by simply brushing their pet’s teeth? When done properly (which is not a whole lot different than brushing our own teeth), a pet may never need to have their teeth cleaned by the veterinarian. Otherwise, some pets may need their teeth cleaned every year at a cost of $500 or more dollars for each cleaning (for services that may include a preanesthetic blood screen, anesthetic, scaling and polishing, hospitalization and sometimes, extractions, antibiotics and pain medications). Unfortunately this is only the financial side of the story. As tartar accumulates on the tooth’s surface, it irritates and inflames the gum line. This becomes a haven for bacteria that slowly eat away at the gum, causing it to recede. Unfortunately, the bacteria are not confined to the tartar. The infection spreads through the blood stream and attacks the bone that supports the teeth (resulting in the loosening and ultimately the loss of teeth) and potentially spreading to major organs in the body including the heart and kidneys. And then there is the pain and suffering that the pet endures as the infection spreads and the teeth loosen. There are lots of dog toys and treats that are supposed to help maintain a healthy mouth. Unfortunately, nothing works as well as a toothbrush in combination with a dog and cat toothpaste. Ask your veterinarian how to brush your pet’s teeth! This might be the most valuable pet lesson you ever learned!

On a visit to your home, I spend a lot of time explaining the most effective way to take care of your pet’s mouth.  

Before Teeth Cleaning:


After Teeth Cleaning (In home, under sedation): 


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